"The outcome from the project is that Macmahon's Share Registry costs have been reduced dramatically. Will also identified contract item discrepancies and claimed back over-charges from our service provider. We thank Will for the professional and responsive way in meeting our Company's needs. I would recommend that any organisation that has a need for reviewing their expenses to consider using Will's services."                                           

Chris Brown - Company Secretary–Macmahon

"....were delighted to realise over $40,000 in actual gross savings at the completion of the project. By changing from five suppliers to one enabled further efficiencies in our Company’s operations."

Chris Wessels-Company Secretary–Wood and Grieves Engineers


".... $35,000 in actual gross savings at the completion of the project. By changing from two suppliers to one enabled furtherefficiencies in our Company’s operations."

Jason Paolone-Finance Manager–Toll Holdings


 "Alba Edible Oils decided to run a trial across a few service options for a period of 4 months. At the end of the trial, we decided to change the primary incumbent freight supplier to a secondary freight supplier and appoint a new carrier for our ISO business. The project is presently yielding savings of 10%...".

Nigel Parker -Commercial Manager–Alba Edible Oils 


“.... savings of $1.17M over two years -21 %."

Ian Goldberg -Chief Financial Officer–Territory Resources


"$143,000 in gross savings at the completion of the project."

George Wilson -Chief Financial Officer–Coogee Chemicals


"Savings of $97,000 was realised and in this instance KI Group changed incumbent broker"

Peter Roebuck -Chief Financial Officer–KI Group


"Although iiNet decided to stay with the incumbent supplier we are delighted with the outcome, and six months in, we continue to save upwards of 20% compared to last year's spend"

Chris Brown -Company Secretary–iiNet


"Will got us a 27% savings in couriers which really opened our eyes to who else has been ripping us off. I recently negotiated savings with the Australian Government of $100k, I never thought that was possible, but then I thought if Will can do this, I’ll give it a go."

Steve Silberer-Chief Financial Officer–Harvey Beef

"I commend you for your tireless and exemplary performance in carrying out your environmental  management initiatives at Training Centre West. Your commitment to developing a sustainable training environment has contributed significantly to showcase what can be achieved by units contributing to Defence environment and sustainability. To ensure continuum of the Environmental Management Plan, you have developed and articulated complicated carbon management issues into a user friendly system. You have willingly shared your hard work with Defence keeping with the finest traditions of the Royal Australian Navy, the Australian Defence Force and the broader Australian Defence Organisation. To that end, you have acted in accordance with the Signature Behaviours and demonstrated people, performance and professionalism within our Navy and Defence Values."

Chris Birrer–First Assistant Secretary Infrastructure, Estate and Infrastructure Group–Australian Defence Force