Information for Providers

NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits

NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits (previously the NDIS Price Guide) assist participants and disability support providers to understand the way that price controls for supports and services work in the NDIS. Price regulation is in place to ensure that participants receive value for money in the supports that they receive.


The Support Catalogue lists all of the available supports that providers can use when lodging a payment request. It also provides information on the current (and previous) price limits for each support item and indicates which claim types (travel, non-face-to-face, etc.) apply for each price-limited support item.

NDIS Code of Conduct

The NDIS Code of Conduct promotes safe and ethical service delivery by setting out expectations for the conduct of both NDIS providers and workers.

The NDIS Code of Conduct applies to:

  • registered NDIS providers and their employees

  • unregistered NDIS providers and their employees

  • providers delivering information, linkages, and capacity building (ILC) activities

  • providers delivering Commonwealth Continuity of Support Programme services for people over the age of 65.

The Code also applies to NDIS Commission employees in addition to the Australian Public Service Code of Conduct.

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission

An independent agency established to improve the quality and safety of NDIS supports and services. They regulate NDIS providers, provide national consistency, promote safety and quality services, resolve problems and identify areas for improvement.

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