Why we find savings:

We have benchmarking data from the various projects and industries we have served over the years. Our width and depth of professional expertise covers in dozens of overhead cost categories that most companies cannot possibly afford to employ internally. Reducing the cost of non-core overhead expenses, audited line for line is ALL WE DO. Suppliers know that “we know what they know “ – this means competitive tension!


Our cost reduction experience has unveiled :

  1. The largest spending clients don’t always get the best price.

  2. Three companies with the same suppliers don’t always get the same discount.

  3. Supplier loyalty does not always equate to best price.

  4. Unfair advantage through dependency influences: the seller sells few products to many clients, while the buyer purchases many products from many different suppliers.

  5. Pilferage by contractors and staff IS a problem.

  6. DIY cost management conducted internally soon wanes and shifts away from the detail impacting cost sustainability.